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I grew up, the third of five children, in an old houseboat on Ash Creek in Bridgeport, Connecticut. At age seventeen I learned I had a serious eye condition and two years later I woke up one morning without my sight. It was only after this loss that I encountered so many inspiring people who would change my life completely, beginning with my husband, Kenneth Ingham, also newly blinded, who I met at The Carroll Center For The Blind in Newton, Massachusetts.

I received a B.A. in French Literature from the just budding University Of Bridgeport on Long Island Sound, where classes were held in charming old mansions. With the help and encouragement of my remarkable French professor, Dr. John Rassias, I won a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the Sorbonne in Paris. Dr. Rassias went on to an extraordinary career at Dartmouth, where he is famous for his dynamic language-teaching techniques and his work as head of the Peace Corps for the Francophone countries in Africa. My husband obtained a Ph.D in Physics from Brandeis University and became an entrepreneur, while I 'went on' to the challenge and delight of bringing up three children and writing lots of poetry.

My poems are captured in six published books and four others awaiting publication. The books currently available on the web (Amazon and Barnes and Noble) are: The Lie and I, 1990, Stone Soup; Poems of the Zodiac, 1992, Cosmic Trend; The Fourth Kingdom, 1998, Cosmic Trend; Living It, 2004, Ibbetson Street; and now The Lesser Guardian, 2013, IN Publications. Over the years, I have had the honor of reciting at various well-known venues in Massachusetts, such as Tapestry of Voices, Stone Soup, Ibbetson Street, Walden Pond, Chapter and Verse, Main Street Café, and Brockton and Newton Library Series. In addition, since 1992 I have participated in poetry programs at Norfolk and Bay State Prisons.

For my husband and me, the golden thread in our lives has been the on-going study of Anthroposophy, the work of Rudolf Steiner, 1861 to 1925. Anthroposophy speaks of the existence of an objective and comprehensible Spiritual World, accessible through direct experience, arising from the development of higher faculties of cognition, independent of the senses. Throughout the ages, special individualities have cultivated these faculties, powers which lie dormant in every human being. Some fruits of this knowledge are Waldorf Education, Camphill Villages (for special-needs children and adults), Bio-Dynamic Farming, Anthroposophical Medicine, and the newly inspired arts of Eurythmy and Speech Formation, as well as Drama, Painting, and Architecture.

This brief bio might give the impression that my life is a light-filled tableau, when, like most lives, it is criss-crossed with deep shadows, chief among them a morbid sensitivity to all suffering. Of course, these very shadows, the "nights of the soul", can be the crux of growth, the dawning of self and world knowledge.

Joanna Nealon

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The Lesser Guardian Cover

The Lesser Guardian
Joanna Nealon

Published by IN Publications

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Joanna Nealon’s Sixth book moves grippingly through three parts: first, dismal misery; then, vigorous but premature attacks to free the self from its pain; and lastly a haunting and original image to celebrate a new human capacity, the thinking heart, “The heart is the lens/ For the real Sky, / Not the touted telescope” the final poem begins. It ends showing that cosmic beings look “long and deeply” through the lens, “Waiting, waiting, / For the heart to see.” Nealon’s surprising last line both closes her brilliant book and arouses readers and hearers to expect the heart/lens to see.

Her new and bold image may be rich in meaning from a poet who has been blind since she was nineteen, decades ago.

Gertrude Reif Hughes Professor Emerita, Wesleyan University

Poems of the Zodiac Cover

Poems of the Zodiac "Sirius" Fun
by Joanna Nealon
Published by IN Publications

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Readers who have a feeling for astrology will find the poems in this collection lively, charming, and perspicacious! Joanna Nealon has written two Sunsign poems for each of the twelve constellations, one, a dignified archetype, and the other, a humorous stereotype. Though the sub-title of the book is "Sirius" Fun, suggesting a light-hearted approach, the poems are set against the shimmering backdrop of a meaningful cosmos. "Astrology is an echo of an ancient high wisdom, the divining of super-sensible realities which underlie the universe." This wisdom indicates that horoscopes are not imposed on us from without, but that we choose them before our birth, as an expression of who we are at any given stage of our evolution. In short, a Ram wants to be a Ram!

Physical Description: trade paperback, 56 pages, dimensions 6x9 inches, black and white interior ink. Language: English. Country: United States. Edition: 2nd
ISBN number: 978-0-9819797-0-0. Copyright Holder: Joanna Nealon 2009
Category: Poetry, Spirituality. Keywords: astrology, spirituality, sun sign, zodiac

Living It Cover

Living It
by Joanna Nealon
Published by Ibbetson Street Press

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"Living It is a spellbinding chronicle of an extraordinary life. In her account of growing up on a houseboat...then overcoming a tremendous challenge and founding a loving family of her own, Joanna Nealon speaks with a clear, musical, and authoritative voice. She can't be classified as a blind poet; she is a born poet, who exchanged ordinary eyesight for a different kind of vision, on more illuminating. I haven't read autobiographical poems this stark, harrowing, and memorable since Robert Lowell's Life Studies and Anne Sexton's to Bedlam and Part Way Back."
- X.J. Kennedy

Physical Description: trade paperback, 66 pages, dimensions 5.5x8.5 inches, black and white interior ink. Language: English. Country: United States. Edition: 1st
ISBN number: 0-9724601-7-9. Copyright Holder: Joanna Nealon 2004
Category: Poetry, Arts. Keywords: arts, blindness, coming of age, family

The Fourth Kingdom Cover

The Fourth Kingdom
by Joanna Nealon
Published by Cosmic Trend

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Some of Joanna Nealon's poems in this marvelous book are:
Reading the Apocalypse, The Horn of the Hunter, The Fifth Post-Atlantean Epoch,
Transubstantiation, What the Sphinx Thinks, The War of All Against All,
Summer Solstice, Goethe Speaks Today, Michaelmas,
Seeing the Sun at Midnight, Heavenly Bodies, and The Tenth Hierarchy.

Physical Description: trade paperback, 46 pages, dimensions 5.5x8.4 inches, black and white interior ink. Language: English. Country: Canada Edition: 1st
ISBN number: 1-895211-27-1. Copyright Holder: Joanna Nealon 1998
Category: Poetry, Arts. Keywords: angels, Anthroposophy, karma, spirituality

The Lie and I Cover

The Lie and I
by Joanna Nealon
Published by Stone Soup Arts Trust

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In this work, Joanna Nealon offers her poetic insights into the struggles of life which we all face.
Some of the poems are:
Not Lost Yet, The Tenth Woe, The Good Life,
The Prodigal Son, Rhythm and Rhyme, Cry to the Trinity,
The Pain of Doubt, With My Poet's Pen, The Lie and I,
Who I Am, and Remembering Rilke.

Physical Description: trade paperback, 46 pages, dimensions 5.5x8.5 inches, black and white interior ink. Language: English. Country: United States Edition: 1st
OCLC Number: 41971228. Copyright Holder: Joanna Nealon 1990
Category: Poetry, Arts. Keywords: arts, blindness, family, honesty, hope

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