Jeevan Bhagwat lives and works in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. His work has been published in many literary magazines/websites in Canada and the U.S. including The Amethyst Review, Archaeology, Blue Skies, Quills, and in anthologies by The Ontario Poetry Society and The Canadian Authors Association.

In 2003 and 2005 he was awarded the Monica Ladell Prize for Poetry by the Scarborough Arts Council and in 2011, he won first place in the Conscience Canada Art/New Media contest.

In 1998, his chapbook of poems entitled Night Shadows was published by Plowman Press.


Luminescence Cover


Luminescence is a book of poetry that seeks to shed light on our collective hopes, fears, and dreams. In Part 1 Daylight, the poems weave through the often complex relationships we have with one another and with the natural world we inhabit. A tapestry rich in lyricism and metaphor emerges from which we can extract truths about ourselves and situate them in the context of our own lived experiences, thereby giving meaning to our lives.

In Part 11 Twilight, the micro and macrocosmic aspects of our lives become at once, intertwined and inseparable. A belief that out of the darkness that surrounds us, a new hope will emerge begins to take root in our consciousness. It is this hope that is reflected in the robin’s song or revealed in the starling’s murmuration that gives us reason to believe in the promise of a new day. And helps us to embrace our humanity with all its beauty, flaws, and potentiality.

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Weight of Dreams Cover

The Weight of Dreams

The Weight of Dreams is a full length poetry manuscript that deals primarily with the theme of dreams and how they inform us from a conscious and unconscious perspective. It is intended for readers who are intrigued by how dreams play an important role in shaping our understanding of not only ourselves, but of our reality.

The first part of the book is a long sequence poem entitled "The Weight of Dreams" which examines the romantic aspect of love and focuses on emotions resulting from loss and longing. The second part of the book consists of individual poems that deal with dreams and other issues. Many of the poems in the book have been previously published in literary journals/magazines and websites. Some have won awards and honourable mentions in contests sponsored by the Scarborough Arts Council, The Canadian Authors Association, and The Ontario Poetry Society.

It is my sincere hope that The Weight of Dreams will not only help readers to discover truths about themselves, but develop a greater appreciation for poetry and the role it plays in shaping our lives.

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